Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Months

 Steele reached the 7 month mark today and is still as cute as a button. He still has very little interest in crawling but does like to be on his tummy quite a bit more now. He can pivot with the best of them and will try to get toys as long as they are in arms reach. He can roll over but doesn't really like to very much. He got his first tooth and is probably going to get another one (or three) soon. He was pretty irritable with teething: whining most of the day and waking up several times at night. If you look close, you can see his pearly white in this one.
 He is loving his solids lately. He loves everything I give him and just laps it right up. He is moving on to fairly thick foods pretty well and rarely has a problem mashing most things in his gums. He loves to eat.
He is starting to complain when you take things away from him and has toys that he likes and those he doesn't. Some of his favorites are Ember's bead necklaces from her dress-ups. He loves to chew on those. He also loves his toy pianos, his jumper, fabric books, and some stuffed and plastic animals. He is our cute little man and we love having him in our home.

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Melissa B. said...

So cute. Jay and Steel look a lot alike. Jay also has his first tooth and is getting his second and yes, it does hurt for both child and parent. Baby Jay just got over a nasty sour throat, but we're happy and eating our rice cereal and avocado.
Disneyland looked way fun. Why weren't we invited?