Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 months

Steele turned 5 months old last week and I barely remembered. He is getting so big and developing so fast. He has rolled over from his back to his stomach once but that was two weeks ago and he doesn't really show signs of wanting to do it again. He can sort of wiggle to move a little on his belly and often turns around or moves forward a little but it isn't really intentional yet and he probably won't crawl for awhile yet. He is a wonderful baby most of the time although he does like to be held quite a bit. Luckily I have time for that right now. He is grabbing for toys regularly and anything else that is within arms reach including Ember's hair. We gave him his first rice cereal the other day and he seemed to do pretty well with eating it. He will swallow some of it which is all I expect for now. His hair seems to be thinning some and his eyes look like they are going to stay blue. We think he sure is cute.