Monday, September 16, 2013


In honor of Ember's 4th birthday tomorrow, here are some Emberisms for you to enjoy.

Ember was drawing in the kitchen one day and was telling my what she was drawing. She said, "This is my flower compilation." Don't ask me where she learned the word compilation nor how she managed to use it properly, but somehow she did.

I was going to go in the other room to do something when she turned to me and said, "You stay in here then I can see a beautiful, big thing." Oh, I love being a beautiful, big thing.

I overheard her playing with her toys one day. "I am the evil king of the silo. Welcome to my kingdom." (Evil laugh).

"When I am a mom I will have 2 sisters (daughters) and 3 boys."

"James (a friend of hers) and I might get married and then we will get to kiss on the lips."(Why is she thinking of this already?)

"Dragons are forever, like families."

"Do you like to go fast or cook? (before I had time to respond she continued) I like to go fast so you can cook. Don't go fast cause you have to cook." 

Josh was giving me a hug one day when Ember asked "Can I be the cheese of that sandwich." Of coarse she could.

"Let's play space animals. (In a very urgent voice) We've got to hurry. There is a lot to do before space starts."

Ember, "I don't like the sun."
Mom, "Why not?"
Ember, "Because the night time is the right time."

Ember has been playing Peter Pan and Hook for probably 3 months now and Josh is pretty tired of it.
Ember, "Daddy, you will be Hook."
Dad, "I want to be daddy for a little bit."
Ember, "That sounds weird."

Ember, "I don't know what I want to be when I have a job." (she sounded very concerned that she didn't know this yet-almost panicked).
Mom, "I thought you wanted to be a mom?" (She has said she wants to be a mom many times before of her own accord).
Ember, "Yes, but after that. Maybe I will be a princess."
Mom, "That's a good job choice."
Ember, "Or maybe I will be a mermaid."