Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here are some new funny things she has said over the last few weeks. She really cracks me up sometimes.
* I was getting dressed and she walked into the room and said "Hello Bra"
* "Please have the magic spoons" (whisks)
*She was watching a little movie where it shows a word then shows a little clip of a kid or baby doing the action. It showed the words "Put your arms down" then cut to a clip of a baby doing that. Ember in a very angry voice said "NO BABY, LET EMBER DO IT"
* (after walking into a wall) "Wall, don't hit Ember"
* (when she was eating a granola bar) "Mommy get it a mate" -at least she didn't ask for one for herself.
*(while crying and throwing at fit) "I WANT TO BE HAPPY"