Saturday, December 3, 2011


Here are the pictures of my ultrasound. We are having a boy in April! Hooray!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Ember was a dragon for Halloween this year. A little known fact about her, her name was the name of a dragon in one of Josh's favorite books. We thought it worked well for a fiery little girl too. We had a busy weekend planned with a party Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then trick-or-treating on Monday. Well, things didn't exactly work out as planned. We went to the first party at a friends house on Friday. About 15 minutes into it, before most people had even arrived, Ember told me she wanted to "go night-night". After a few minutes more I took a better look at her and we said goodbye and left. We got home and I gave her a little snack since we didn't get dinner at the party. Then she climbed in bed. Within the next hour, she had thrown up all over her crib, the bedroom floor, my bed, and the living room floor. It was a great night. She felt a little better the next day but we still decided not to go to that party. The one party that we did make it to and got pictures was at my brother's house. Ember had a great time. Her favorite part was riding the trike around the pool. I think she did it for about an hour. It was the highlight of her night.

Ember's cousin, Joe
Ember's cousin Brian

Their playroom is set up like a jungle gym and Ember loves it over there. I saw her doing this and told her that she was "Living on the edge". Ever since she has called this "Living with Edge".

As you can tell, she loved it. It did end with her falling through the slats and biting her lip. I guess that is what happens when you "live with Edge"

On Monday we went trick-or-treating of sorts. We went to our neighbor who gave Ember a couple pieces of candy. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to other doors. She immediately told me she was "all done" and walked straight back to our house. So much for trick-or-treating. We will try again next year.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here are some new funny things she has said over the last few weeks. She really cracks me up sometimes.
* I was getting dressed and she walked into the room and said "Hello Bra"
* "Please have the magic spoons" (whisks)
*She was watching a little movie where it shows a word then shows a little clip of a kid or baby doing the action. It showed the words "Put your arms down" then cut to a clip of a baby doing that. Ember in a very angry voice said "NO BABY, LET EMBER DO IT"
* (after walking into a wall) "Wall, don't hit Ember"
* (when she was eating a granola bar) "Mommy get it a mate" -at least she didn't ask for one for herself.
*(while crying and throwing at fit) "I WANT TO BE HAPPY"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Pictures

Ember still loves shoes. She was trying to walk in Daddy's shoes this time.
I love that this picture makes her look like linus on Charlie Brown.
Ember now can get out of her crib by herself. One day during naptime, I snuck in to check on her and found her like this. At least she was asleep!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two Cute

Ember turned two last week and we had a low-key party for her. We went to a train park and let her play on the slides then rode the train and carousel. She has been asking to ride them both ever since. A couple of her cousins came too. It was a fun day.

So my cakes aren't very pretty, but they taste good. I have never been very good at decorating them. Hers was a red velvet and it was supposed to be six layers but only five survived.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here is another update on the funny things that Ember says. She has got personality coming out of her ears.
*She was taking a bath awhile back and had some toys in there with her. She turned around and sneakily crawled/swam from one end of the bathtub to the other saying "I'm going to get you cup...I'm going to get you."
*She has lately taken an affinity to jumping. Whenever she is waiting for me to help her with something she will pass the precious seconds by jumping up and down and declaring "Ember's jumping" Here is an example, this is from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. She could do this for hours.

*She was watching a kids movie that shows animals and some words and she pointed to a Gorilla and declared "There's Mommy". Classic eh. The next image was an elephant to which she pointed to and said "There's Mommy". I don't think she should watch that movie ever again.
*We were sitting on the couch the other day and she stuck both of her hands in her mouth and was grabbing her tongue. I asked "What are you doing, Ember?" she replied "Ember take her tongue out." She tried for a good ten minutes. I am glad to report she was unsuccessful and the tongue stayed put.
*The sad day has arrived, Ember can now get out of her crib. Today was the first day that I went in there and found her asleep on my bed rather than in her crib. Oh the fun has begun.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm a model...

I had the illustrious Melissa Baxter take Ember's pictures when we were visiting my family a few weeks ago. They turned out fantastic. Hope you enjoy them.

Another Update (Finally)

Ember has learned all sorts of things lately, like how to pose for the camera...
Where her tongue is...
What a tractor is (she also knows the difference between an excavator and a backhoe- but that is another story)...
How to climb in the laundry basket...
How to get what you want at any moment...
How to pop some wheel-ees...
How to ride a4-wheeler and look awesome while doing it...
How to sing some Beatles...
and how to ride a tricycle. Along with a myriad of other things that I can't remember. She is such a cute girl and we love having her around.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Cornucopia of Pictures

This is what I got for Mother's day. Aren't they so pretty. I really do like tulips.
This is my resident ducky. Ember LOVES ducks lately. She carries her duck around with her and she had a dream last night about her ducky towel. She says quack quack quite well for a year and a half if I do say so myself.
She loves climbing on the rocks outside.
And loves getting into anything...trouble is her specialty. She has been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star quite a bit lately, but she only gets about a third of the words. I don't usually let her eat and watch TV but I was trying to get her to hold still while she was singing so I could get it on camera. She will sing on her own too. She has been saying This little piggy... too, but the only words she gets are "Market...Home...Wee Wee Wee"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend. On Saturday we met up with Ember's cousins and went to an Easter egg hunt at a nearby park. Despite them saying there were 6000 eggs, we only got three total. Ember didn't care one wit. It was much more fun to her to play on the slide. We did score this sweet picture with the Easter bunny though. Not one of us is looking at the camera. I think the woman in the background in the pink dress is hilarious. I couldn't look that bored if I tried.
The slides were a lot of fun. Ember loves the slides and swings.

On Easter morning she got a healthy breakfast of beans and chicken. Too bad they were Jelly beans and a chocolate chicken. Am I a bad Mom?
This is Ember's Easter dress. We didn't get a great picture of it so we might have to do a mock photo shoot later. She looked pretty cute, but then again, when doesn't she?
After so much excitement she had a nice long nap with her bum in the air. She was completely tuckered out. That afternoon we went to Josh's parents and played with some of her other cousins. I didn't get any pictures of that, but she had a great time.
The Easter bunny was good to us this year.