Friday, November 11, 2011


Ember was a dragon for Halloween this year. A little known fact about her, her name was the name of a dragon in one of Josh's favorite books. We thought it worked well for a fiery little girl too. We had a busy weekend planned with a party Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then trick-or-treating on Monday. Well, things didn't exactly work out as planned. We went to the first party at a friends house on Friday. About 15 minutes into it, before most people had even arrived, Ember told me she wanted to "go night-night". After a few minutes more I took a better look at her and we said goodbye and left. We got home and I gave her a little snack since we didn't get dinner at the party. Then she climbed in bed. Within the next hour, she had thrown up all over her crib, the bedroom floor, my bed, and the living room floor. It was a great night. She felt a little better the next day but we still decided not to go to that party. The one party that we did make it to and got pictures was at my brother's house. Ember had a great time. Her favorite part was riding the trike around the pool. I think she did it for about an hour. It was the highlight of her night.

Ember's cousin, Joe
Ember's cousin Brian

Their playroom is set up like a jungle gym and Ember loves it over there. I saw her doing this and told her that she was "Living on the edge". Ever since she has called this "Living with Edge".

As you can tell, she loved it. It did end with her falling through the slats and biting her lip. I guess that is what happens when you "live with Edge"

On Monday we went trick-or-treating of sorts. We went to our neighbor who gave Ember a couple pieces of candy. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to other doors. She immediately told me she was "all done" and walked straight back to our house. So much for trick-or-treating. We will try again next year.

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