Tuesday, January 8, 2013

9 Months

Steele turned 9 months old on Saturday and Josh and I both decided that we wanted to eat him that day- not in the he is so cute that you could just eat him up way, in the I can't handle another minute of listening to this whiny kid kind of way. Granted he (and the rest of the family) had the flu for the week prior which ended in a nasty sort of cough with a congested head so I am positive he was miserable and just wanted someone to make him feel better. It was not a fun day because we were all feeling about as miserable as he was and no one wanted to hear about how miserable anyone else was. But we did survive and I am happy to report that no children were maimed in any way and everyone is feeling significantly better.
So, on to the 9 month milestones. Steele finally learned to crawl, on Christmas morning, no less. He finally figured out how to do more then plop on his face and he is loving it. He follows us from room to room and gets a big goofy grin on his face when he sees us again. He is still pretty methodical (aka slow) and hasn't really started getting into anything yet so he is just at the cute stage of crawling. He has started trying to take whatever Ember is playing with though and she doesn't like it one bit. We have been talking about sharing and also about taking your toys to a place were he can't reach if it is something that isn't meant to be shared. It is going to be a learning process-probably for the rest of their childhood.

Steele went from just being able to crawl to being able to cruise so fast. He will pull himself to standing on the toy box and can take a few steps to get any toys he wants. It was so quick. He is babbling quite a bit now and will say Mama all the time. It doesn't really mean me so we aren't counting it yet, but he seems to like that sound more than any other (he IS a momma's boy). We haven't heard anything that resembles Dada yet. He loves to play with balls and hard plastic toys. It is interesting to see the difference between toys that Ember loved and toys that Steele loves. Toys that she wouldn't even look at are some of his favorites and vice-verse. I wonder if it is boy vs. girl or if it is just the difference of personality. He is definitely a cutie and we love having him around!