Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Elf

So we are a little lame and didn't do much for Halloween. I did finally make a costume for Ember yesterday afternoon. She wore it for about 10 minutes so we could get pictures then the hat and belt fell off. Oh well. It will be a lot more fun when she is a little older. I did love her elf costume. I kind of just made up the pattern and it turned out pretty cute. Of course when the little girl wearing it is so cute it is hard to go wrong.

This was not such a treat though... I have been pooped on twice in two days. Oh my what a runny mess. I told Josh that it is his turn next. He isn't so excited for that idea.
We are amazed at how fast she is growing. Look- She is already holding her bottle by herself. ;-)
This is Ember's only living great-grandparent. We went over to visit last week and to introduce the two of them. It was so fun.

I go back to work tomorrow, unfortunately, but luckily she gets to come with me for awhile. We will see how much working I will be able to get done. I hope it works out okay.