Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here is another update on the funny things that Ember says. She has got personality coming out of her ears.
*She was taking a bath awhile back and had some toys in there with her. She turned around and sneakily crawled/swam from one end of the bathtub to the other saying "I'm going to get you cup...I'm going to get you."
*She has lately taken an affinity to jumping. Whenever she is waiting for me to help her with something she will pass the precious seconds by jumping up and down and declaring "Ember's jumping" Here is an example, this is from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. She could do this for hours.

*She was watching a kids movie that shows animals and some words and she pointed to a Gorilla and declared "There's Mommy". Classic eh. The next image was an elephant to which she pointed to and said "There's Mommy". I don't think she should watch that movie ever again.
*We were sitting on the couch the other day and she stuck both of her hands in her mouth and was grabbing her tongue. I asked "What are you doing, Ember?" she replied "Ember take her tongue out." She tried for a good ten minutes. I am glad to report she was unsuccessful and the tongue stayed put.
*The sad day has arrived, Ember can now get out of her crib. Today was the first day that I went in there and found her asleep on my bed rather than in her crib. Oh the fun has begun.