Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome Baby Steele

He has finally arrived! Steele Victor was born on April 5th at 2:25 pm. He was 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. He has a full head of hair and is quite handsome. I was induced that day and the doctor thought he would come a lot sooner than he did. He took his time showing up and there was a short period when we thought I would have to have a cesarean. He finally decided to come though and was much bigger than anyone thought he would be. I had only gained 16 lbs through the pregnancy with having a few illnesses and so I figured he would be a bit smaller than Ember was (they were the same weight at birth). He had a little difficulty breathing at first so they had to give him some oxygen immediately but he was fine shortly after and hasn't had any problems since. His middle name is after his grandfather on Josh's side and his first name is just because we really like it. We have noticed that people either love or hate it when we tell them what we named him. I came home from the hospital on Saturday and have been adjusting to life with two kids. My mom was here to help for a couple of days but now I am on my own and it is definitely a lot more work, although the 2nd child is so much easier than the first because there are so many things that don't bother you as much, like a little bit of crying. I am much more relaxed the second time around. Here are some pictures of our little guy. We love having him!