Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 month photo session

So I procrastinated getting her 6 month photos taken so here they are at 8 months. Rachelle did such a great job, I love them. Take a peek here

More Pictures

Sometimes she surprises me with just how pretty she is. Of coarse, I am an adoring mom.
But she also has a wild side, that we see more than the peaceful one.

And then there is the getting into everything. I have never seen anyone so determined. She practically sprints across the room every time we open a cupboard or the fridge. She is so curious. She has two teeth now and she has been pretty onery for both of them. She got her first one about a month ago and her second one last weekend. I don't like her teething at all. I kind of wish they would all come in at once and we could be done with it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a Doll

Doesn't she have a cute smile. It makes me melt.
I came home to this one afternoon. She loves to cuddle. She has figured out how to pull herself up to standing and man is she into everything. It is quite the adventure. She is so curious about everything and toys just aren't fun anymore especially when there are other things. Her favorite right now are cd cases and computer cords. Oh what fun.
We are going to be doing some serious childproofing this weekend.