Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merry Christmas

I know it is a little late, but here are our Christmas pictures. We had a very low-key Christmas this year, mainly because I came down with a upper respiratory infection two weeks before and I still didn't have any energy when Christmas rolled around. Sadly to say, we didn't make it to see Christmas lights or to any of the parties, or to any of the other things we planned on doing. Santa, however, did make it to our house and Ember was appropriately spoiled with dress-ups, puzzles, a chalkboard, paper dolls, a frog towel, some clothes, and a monkey hat. She was supposed to get a new bike, but we procrastinated getting it and then never got around to it. She will be getting one soon though, but not as soon as she would like. Her favorite present was the drums at her cousin's house. I wish I had thought of that. Oh well, she has something to wish for next year.

I was spoiled out of my socks too! My parents gave Josh and I (me mainly) a brand new fancy digital camera. I have had lots of fun with it already, but I am sure that it will be a favorite for years to come. Josh surprised me with a new keyboard (the piano type, not the computer type). I have been wanting to learn how to play for a long time, but we just never had room. It is fancy.
My creative juices were sadly lacking this year and Josh got new clothes, a watch, and a couple of board games. I need to do better next year.

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