Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here is another list of the funny things that this little girl comes up with...
  • She was sick and had diarrhea around Halloween. She informed me, "I have ballerina in my bum"
  • "I need to grow up" (Nothing provoked this, she just came and announced it)
  • (She says this one all the time for any food that she knows she is going to like) "Oh no [in a very dramatic, end of the world voice]... it is going to be yummy"
  • (While eating an entire sandwich, crust included) "I do not like crust"
  • Yesterday we were at my brother's house and we were going to have burritos for dinner. She told me "I do not like burritos" She proceeded to eat her entire burrito and ask for seconds.
  • There is a song that goes "When my mother calls me, quickly I'll obey..." The other day I was in the other room getting ready and she was asking for something. Suddenly she bursts into my room and in her most impatient voice says, "Mom... quickly I'll obey" as if I should have left what I was doing the instant she called me.
  • She has become infatuated with Mater from the movie Cars. She pretends that she is Mater and refers to herself in third person as Mater. I have been playing along so far but I don't know how long to let it go on.
  • We have bowls with a flower on the bottom and I was using one the other day to eat my soup. She likes to see the flower when it is empty and asked to look at it when I had finished. She then informed me, "It is kind of like Mater, but it is a flower." Thanks. I never would have known.
  • "Yellow is a bright color" and apparently it is the only one. When I try to tell her that sometimes orange or red can be bright she sets me straight.
She can be such a goon sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I love the little things that she comes up with. Kiss her for me - twice. Grandma