Saturday, April 9, 2011


(Ember loves purses... she took three with her when we went outside the other day. She has such a personality).
Anyway, since Ember has started talking a little I am going to try to keep track of some of the funny things she says and does (sorry Meghan I am stealing your "that's what he said" idea). So here goes.

Ember loves buses. She always points them out to me and has started calling them "Wawa (water) bus" then she will giggle. I don't have any idea where she got that one. Now she has changed to just giggling whenever she sees a bus.

When we are driving Ember will often guess where we are going. A few days ago she said "Aunt Ty's house" Too bad it should have been Uncle Ty's house.

The other night I woke up to Ember yelling, "No, No, NO Shoes, No shoes, ... BOOTS" Turns out she was dreaming. I can only imagine that she doesn't think that shoes go with her outfit and she wants to wear boots instead. I have a little fashionista for a daughter.

Speaking of shoes, every time we read a book (which is ALL the time- I think we must have read about 50 of them today), she insists on pointing out every person's shoes. Occasionally she will point out socks or a hat but shoes are much more common.

One more shoe story... Ember will often bring me a shoe from the closet and with an insistent "Uhh uhh" tell me to put it on. After I have one shoe on she will run back to the closet and grab the other one and bring it to me to put on. Typically they are a matching pair. Her favorites are my knee high boots. Not surprising considering her dream.

Ember loves to listen to a kids CD on the radio and even knows how to turn it on herself. One of the songs is about and owl and a cat. She has a little plastic owl and every time the song plays she will run in the other room and say "Owl" and frantically look for her plastic owl then run back to the radio and listen to the song with it.

I often get a play by play of what I am doing. When we were driving home yesterday I rolled up the windows and Ember said "Windows up". When I pour my cereal for breakfast Ember says "Mommy Chex" then "Mommy milk". When I am driving I get "Mommy drive" and so on and so on.

She sometimes will ask to go to bed (I am a lucky Mom, whose kid does that!). She will say "Night night" when she is tired. One time when it was nap time and Josh was watching her she went to her crib and tried to climb in saying "Night Night... Night NIGHHHT!" If only she did this every time.

This week I have been working in the field and we are starting really early so I have to take Ember to the babysitter at 4 am. She wakes up every time I take her down to the car and usually doesn't fall asleep on the way there, but I can tell she looks forward to going to sleep when she gets there. She will tell me "Shayla's house...night night"

Ember loves numbers too. She will often point out page numbers on the books we read and tell me what they are. She knows 0-9 but hasn't quite got the concept beyond that. She will call 10, "one-zero". The other day she looked down at her shirt that says "You make me happy" on it and pointed to the "h" (which is upside down to her) and said "four".

She has been trying to sing songs a little bit and she will get a huge grin on her face if I guess what she is singing correctly. Today she started singing "Old McDonald" but she got the E-I-E-I-O tune off a little and it was the words to Old McDonald and the tune of Mary had a little lamb.

That's all I can think of right now. Hopefully I can think of more later.

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------------------------------- said...

She is so advanced in her vocabulary!! And such a pretty girl at that. I hope Josh is petrified - he has good reason to start that now.