Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I took Ember camping a few weeks ago and she had a great time. It wasn't REAL camping because there was a cabin to sleep in but we got dirty and came home smelling like campfire. She loved running around outside and exploring.

We went to the doctor today for Ember's 18-month appointment. She is a tall girl, 34 inches which is the 97th percentile. She is 28 lbs which is the 90th percentile. She is a smart little cookie too. She is doing really well on her vocabulary and even putting words together. My favorite word she says is Rhinoceroses. It sounds like "eye-nos-rus". It is pretty cute.

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------------------------------- said...

WOW! Rinoceroses! I am impressed. Carter won't repeat anything I ask him to say. He is quite stubborn. What a smart girl.