Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Growing!

(Me in about 4 months)
It is official, come September-time there will be baby crying in our house! I found out I am pregnant a couple of weeks ago but didn't want to post until I had told my work, which I did this week. We are so excited and a little nervous to have someone depending on us for everything. It will definitely be an adventure. Both of our families are very excited about it. Most of my family is hoping for a girl and Josh wants a girl really badly too. I am not really as picky. I am sure that either would be great for the first one. My official due date is September 10th so I get to be as big as a house all through the sweltering summer. I hope the air conditioning works really well in our new place!


Melinda said...

Yay! Congratulations! I was hoping this was the thing you just couldn't yet reveal in your last post.

There is nothing like a first baby. Everything is so amazing! I hope you are feeling well and look forward to September.

Nik said...

Paige! Congratulations!!! You will be an amazing Mom, I have no doubt.
Summer pregnancies are rough. I spent every possible minute in my pool, so you should start looking for an obliging friend if your new place doesn't have a pool. :) You're welcome here.

So exciting!

Nate and Jenny said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. You will make great parents and you will be one cute prego girl. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Paige with a tummy? That will be something that I have never seen and it will be soo fun to see it now. I am thrilled about the forthcoming little one and can't wait until it is here. I love you both and am so glad that there will be a third one to love too. A girl or a boy will be great with me. Love , MOM and Grandma

Sarah said...

Oh My Gosh! Congrats to you and JOsh.
You will be a really cute pregnant lady! Wish yall the best!
-Sarah & Adam

Anonymous said...

I want a boy cuz boys rule girlz drool awesome news

Cody said...

Hey... I remember that picture. I was as big as a house when I took it, AND 9/10 is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Too funny!
I'm so anxious to find out what you are having. Either way it will be an adventure of a life time... literately. :) There is nothing more rewarding than parenthood.

Meghan said...

i was so excited when we heard the news. can't wait to meet the little one. a girl would be fun, but outnumbered... eitherway, i am so excited for you pahagnealeo

Rachelle said...

Oh, my gosh Paige! I'm so excited for you & Josh! Congratulations. Sorry I'm slow about commenting, I haven't been on blogger for quite some time. You have a built in free babysitter here!!! Good luck with everything & make sure you update us regularly, we want to see more pics of you prego.

love ya! Rachelle