Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our (relatively) New Apartment

Since Josh and I got married we have lived in a super tiny apartment that we could barely move around in. Well, at the end of January we finally upgraded to a much bigger apartment. My favorite part is that we finally have room for a kitchen table! We love it! I know all you people with big houses don't know what it is like to have to find creative places to store your stuff - such as tables made out of food storage boxes, but it is so much nicer to have so much room. Someday we will actually have a house, and a garden, and a basement, and a backyard, and . . . I can dream can't I!? Here are some pictures of our current abode.
Our Dining Room (We have a mirror to go on the wall behind the table but there aren't any studs in the wall so we can't get any nails in- it feels like you are nailing into concrete when you try to hammer them in. I have bent several nail already. If anyone has a solution, let me know.)

Our Sitting Room ;)

Our Living Room (Yes, we still have rabbit ears for our TV!)

Our Study

Our Kitchen

Our Niche (Josh thought we needed a statue or shrine to go here)

Our Bathroom

I haven't taken any pictures of our bedroom yet as it is still a work in progress (i.e., it really needs to be cleaned first!), but I hope you enjoyed your tour!


Meghan said...

we lived in the tiny apartment with no room for a table once. we counldn't both be in the bathroom at the same time. it sucked. but i totally understand why you are so psyched you finally have a sitting room. and a statue...

Charlie Cooper said...

Hey Paige I love that you have started a blog. Now I can see what you are up to. Keep it up. Hint: Have kids then you have to get a house. It worked for me. Love, Angel

Anonymous said...

This is great!! A blog to keep track of you two. I have seen your apartment and think that it is wonderful (that sounds like a mama). I have also seen the purse that you carry - it wouldn't hold a second set of keys. And you say that you have trouble with a small apartment. I did even see that one and everything had a place and was in that place. Paige, you're the best. OXOX, MOM

Anonymous said...

Paige your kitchen wall just might be made of concrete massonry units (cinder blocks) you might need an anchor for hanging things in that wall. Is it the outside wall to the apartment building? If it is I bet that is what you are trying to nail into. If so that means you will have to drill and anchor in a special screw like drilling into brick. It takes special screws and special drill bits! The place looks great though.
Love Jody