Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So finals week hasn't officially started at ASU but Josh is already very overwhelmed. He has three papers due, a poster presentation, regular homework due, a mineral identification quiz, and finals looming in the not so distant future. Monday night we stayed up until 1:30 getting his poster put together. I was the artistic consultant because, in typical boy fashion, Josh has no idea how to be crafty. So I got to pick out the coordinating papers, cut out all the pictures, and balance all the elements into one poster presentation. It was quite fun to tell the truth. They had to choose a mineral and tell all sorts of technical things about it (I didn't even pretend to understand). Josh chose Pyrite, which is his absolute favorite mineral. Most of us lay people know it as fool's gold. He entitled his poster "Pyrite: Not just for fool's anymore." I laughed but he is quite creative despite what he says. Here is the finished product.

Josh then had to finish a report last night which he stayed up until 5 am doing. I think he is just practicing for when we have kids. I will gladly give him the night shift. Other happenings this week: Josh is now our ward's Sunday School President! You can all bow down to him now that he is the authority of all gospel subjects. ;) Poor Josh, he needs all the consolation he can get. I still don't have a calling and that is fine by me. I need a break after last year. We went to the temple last week on ward temple night and ended up going out to dinner with all 7 people that were there from our ward and the women were all busy talking about girl's camp. I do miss the young women, but my life is so much less stressful since I got released. I have time to do all those things that I never thought I would get to. Of coarse, I also waste a lot more time but I guess that is the price you pay. Oh well, I am sure life will get busy again soon.


Meghan said...

paige, i love that i am in the minority of people who never knew that pyrite was fools gold. who's the fool now?

Paige & Josh said...

Don't worry Meg, you are definitely not the only one. I didn't know half the things about rocks that I know now. ;)