Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ember and Steele both got their first haircuts two weeks ago. Ember still had her baby hair and I ended up cutting about 5 inches off which resulted in the loss of all her curls. I had been noticing her hair was getting harder to scrunch but I thought it was because there was so much weight. Her hair is now slightly wavy but all her ringlets are gone. Sad day. She was so excited to get her hair cut and seems to like it shorter. It is much easier to comb through and do too. Here is the before: 
And here is the after:
Steele got his cut as well. I need a little more practice cutting boys hair but he didn't mind. He was just excited to get to sit in his high chair outside and hold the comb. Before:
His hair seems to be getting lighter in color. It is almost a golden brown or dark blond now. 
Ember also got curlers for the first time last week. We put them in for her photos for dance class. 
She loved wearing them. I will post pictures of her curly hair another time. 

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