Monday, February 25, 2013

10 months

Steele hit the 10 month mark and he has turned into quite the trouble maker. He is a speedy little crawler and is into everything. He loves to play with the colanders, the blinds, and anything his sister is playing with. He loves balls and Legos too and I will sometimes catch him playing alone with Ember's train set. He pulls himself up to standing on everything and I have seen him stand without holding on to anything for a second or two. He is a very good eater but he seems to like vegetables and grains more than fruits although I introduced grapes recently and they were a big hit. He likes to feed himself more than having my help so I try to give him foods he can put in his mouth or just deal with the mess he makes when he tries to feed himself the less toddler friendly fare. He loves to be held but will instantly turn around to see what is going on around him. He is interested in everything and always wants to touch it and hold it but after about 10 seconds he is done and ready to move on to the next thing. He won't hold still for very long either. He and Ember have started butting heads. She often starts screaming NO the instant he so much as looks in her direction. It is a struggle because she does need to learn how to share but I also want her to not share certain things with him so we are still working on that. She has been a little bossy with him but does love him and often will give him a hug on her own. I hope they will be good friends as they get older.

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Anonymous said...

Sure did enjoy both of them when they came to visit last month. I am already looking forward to another visit. They grow way too fast. Love them so much. Love and misses, Grandma