Monday, December 10, 2012

8 Months

Steele turned 8 months old last week and he is as cute as a button. He has lately taken to getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth but has yet to master any forward motion. He is getting good at going backwards and we often find him on the opposite side of the room from where we set him. He has developed quite the sense of humor and loves to laugh. He thinks his sister is absolutely hilarious. If she comes into the room when I am putting Steele down for a nap he will watch every step she takes and will often burst into uncontrollable laughter. It is cute to see how much he loves her. We are reaching the point where he is more able to get at toys and Ember doesn't love the idea of sharing. It makes me nervous about how it will be once he actually can crawl. He has his two bottom teeth and his top ones have looked like they are about to burst through at any moment for awhile now, but, alas, no dice. He is getting so that anything that is within arms reach he will grab and hang onto, this includes hair, skin, glasses, blinds, dishes full of hot food, toys, and all other grab-able objects. He can be a handful but he is really a sweet boy who loves to be held and to see the world around him. We love him.

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With Carter, I told him that I don't want him sharing his toys - mostly because he is really into the little Legos right now. I told him that he needs to keep his special toys that he doesn't want to/shouldn't share put away. We have special age appropriate toys for baby that he LOVES to "share". It has worked well for us because Carter feels like he has some control over his stuff, and the control he really has is to keep those things put away if he doesn't want baby touching them. Girls are a little better about keeping their stuff together though.