Monday, August 13, 2012


Josh asked Ember if she was a mimic and she replied, "No, I am not a cake".
Ember loves to ask me to sing songs about anything and everything. One of her favorite is the Ember song to the tune of BINGO.
"There was a mom who had a girl and Ember was her name-o. EMBER, EMBER, EMBER, and Ember was her name-o".
I was Measuring Ember one day and told her, "You are 3 feet tall" Ember replied, "I don't have 3 feet. I have two feet."
While I was sitting at the piano she said, "Mommy move over so I can get in the way."
"Welcome to the bedroom. I am taking care of you."
Josh refers to Steele's wet toots as sloppy joes.
Ember told me one day "I am not allowed to make mistakes." I hope she doesn't really know what she is saying.
Ember wanted me to get out of bed one morning. She asked, "Do you want to get off your bed and stand up on the carpet with me?"
(while putting a puppet on her hand) "I am putting my hand up your bum."
"I want to go to the pool with the moving water" (AKA the beach)
"The little Kleenex is walking and chewing on a booger."
One day I walked from the kitchen to the bedroom and Ember came running after me crying "You are too far away." I think she is going through a clingy stage because for awhile she wouldn't let me leave her sight.
"Please don't be a family. No, don't be a family."
"I am not laughing, I am chuckling."
And for the best one:
Ember was under the covers on our bed pretending to be an airplane. Since her head was covered she didn't realize where she was and fell off the bed. When she jumped back up she said "The plane landed. "

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Melissa B. said...

Love it! Good job Mommy for writing all of those priceless Emberisms down.