Friday, January 14, 2011

So I am a little late...

But Merry Christmas anyway. We went to visit my family for Christmas and had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the festivities. On Christmas Eve we had a nativity. Grandma (aka Mary) needed a hug, even though Charlie had already claimed Grandma's lap. I don't think she minded too much.
Who knew that the wise men also doubled as Comet and Dasher. Santa must have stolen the wise men for his reindeer.

Dancer makes a great sheep.Ember had a hard time figuring out what she was. She was a donkey one minute, then an angel, and later she was a shepherd.
Char made a great baby Jesus, as long as he could have his bottle too.
Christmas morning we opened presents. Ember was more excited about her cousin's loot then her own, but who could blame her when they got these cool planes to ride.
After awhile Ember snuck away to Char's therapy room and played with all the toys in there. She is a sucker for a cell phone, even the toy ones are fun.We had a great Christmas and I hope all of you did as well.

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