Saturday, October 2, 2010

It has been a week!

Isn't she a doll? Since this picture was taken last Sunday Ember has:
  • Bit her lip hard twice both times resulting in blood dripping down her chin
  • Hit her chin hard on the side of the bathtub
  • Hit her mouth on the baseboard of our bed
  • Fallen into a sand trap at a golf course
  • Gotten a goose-egg on her forehead from falling on a brick walkway
  • Scraped her nose at a birthday party
  • Fallen off chairs more times than I can count
  • Smashed her finger in our door (hard)
  • Bent back one of her toenails
  • Fallen off the couch
  • Headbutted into our ottoman
  • and about a million other falls that I can't remember
  • You can see the scrape down her nose in this picture. It looks really bad. (please don't call CPS, I promise I am not abusing her). Her legs are covered in bruises from climbing and I don't know how she is going to survive another week much less another year. We might come to know the emergency room very well over the next few years with this little one.

    On top of all this, she is getting about 8 more teeth all at the same time. Her top premolars have just poked through and her top second incisors are just about to poke through too. The bottom ones of both don't look like they are far behind.

    On a funner note, remember awhile back when I couldn't get her to eat bananas? Well, now I can't get her to stop. Every meal she says "Nana, nana" and then looks disappointed when I give her something else. She walks over to the counter where we keep the bananas and looks longingly at them even when she shouldn't be hungry. She ate half of another boys banana this morning because she stood by his mom and said "Nana". While cute, she might end up wearing out her welcome.

    Somedays I am jeolous of the other mom's whose kids are not quite so mobile yet. We were at a birthday party for a little boy who is only two weeks younger than Ember and he isn't quite walking yet. His mom could set him on the floor or have someone hold him and he was happy and content. Ember was chasing after the kids that were 3-10 years old rather than sitting around with the 1-ish year olds. And she has the bumps to prove it. Oh well.


    Anonymous said...

    She is in a hurry and can't wait for the coordination to catch up. Watch out cause she is on the go. Can't wait to see her on Thursday. Love her! Grandma

    P.S. The scraped nose is cute.

    Meghan said...

    i think that maybe she is related to britt. he is captain of the klutz club - i think she could be the newest (and super cute) member.