Saturday, September 4, 2010


I had been out of town for a couple days for work and I came home and laid down on the floor. Ember walked around me and then proceeded to sit down on my face. Repeatedly. Oh how nice it is to be home.
Ember loves shoes. She is constantly talking shoes out of our closet and carrying them around the house. One day, Josh found her in our closet with shoes piled one top of her and she was happy as a clam.
She has entered the wonderful world of climbing. She can get on almost all of our chairs which means that everything one the tables is within grasp. Oh what an adventure.
She has begun talking up a storm. I call her a babblefish (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). She loves to turn pages to books and read stories to us. It is pretty cute, especially when she starts to blow bubbles.


Melinda said...

One of the frustrations of having a toddler is that every surface has to be childproofed! For the last 10 years, I have not been able to have anything nice on any dresser, table, shelf, etc in my entire house! Someday I'll be able to decorate...... :)

jessicaholtey said...

Hey she speaks the same language as Indi!! We should get our girls together and im sure they would understand each others language, ha!

Angel said...

Wow Ember, take a breath. Get ready, she's gonna talk your ear off. I hope you take lots of pics this weekend so I can feel like I'm there.