Tuesday, June 22, 2010

9 months

Ember had her nine month appointment this morning and she is getting so big. She is 20 lbs 12 oz (which is in the 75-90%) and is 29 1/2 inches tall (97%). She is slimming down, she used to be in the 95% for weight and has always been tall. No wonder everyone is surprised that she is only 9 months old, she towers over all the other babies that are close to her age.
Father's Day sure was fun. We thought her onesie was appropriate. I didn't get a picture when she was all clean so here she is just before bed, looking her disheveled best.

Josh sent me this at work last week. Sometimes tired wins over hungry. She is a good little eater. She will pretty much eat whatever we give her except for bananas. I don't think she likes the sliminess of them. It is so sad because they are so yummy and are great finger foods.

She was reaching for a toy in her toy box and got high-centered on her wee little belly and fell in! You would have thought she was in heaven. She loved being able to explore. She loves to try to fit in the smallest places then gets upset when she gets stuck. It is awfully cute.

She is working on getting her top two teeth. We can see them there but they haven't quite poked out there pearly whiteness yet. She has a little bit of a hard time with teething, she gets a fever and is quite uncomfortable for awhile. I hope they cut through soon.


jessicaholtey said...

SHe is getting so big, she already has passed up Indi!!!!

Angel said...

sooooo tired...just.. can't.. eat... one... more... bite. Gotta love it! She is growing up so much

Anonymous said...

HI Paiger! It's your cousin, Nicki. I was just in Utah and got to see your mom and angel and Steph at our cousin party. We were all missing you! Anyway I was telling your mom how I love to read your blog. I watched your whole pregnacy. I am a blog stalker!! Your little girl is beautiful. My son is just truning 11 months so they are not too far apart. Well keep up the blogging I am reading!!
Love, Nicki

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

so so cute! i can't believe how big she is!!! and how much she looks like joshy!