Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kids Don't Lie

We were watching Josh's niece and nephews last night and I had a conversation with his niece that went something like this:
Niece: "Do you like being a mommy?"
Me: "Yes, I love being a mommy. It is really fun. Do you want to be a mommy some day."
Niece: "Yeah."
Niece (while poking my belly): "It looks like you are going to have another baby."
Me: "No, I am not."

And I thought I looked okay for having a baby a few months ago. It is time to start getting serious about working out again.


Anonymous said...

I have seen you and I think that you look GREAT!!! Love ya lots,

Dawn said...

Paige I am sorry that is no fun. But what is fun is having a reason for having a belly. I am sure you look wonderful. I hope all is going well.

Angel said...

More pictures please....