Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Pictures

We are still absolutely in love with our little girl even though she can be difficult sometimes. She has a hard time going to sleep. She will work herself up into a fit before we can get her calmed down enough to close her eyes and just when we think she is almost out she will wake up again and start the whole process over. We have been lucky though, she sleeps for long stretches at night (4-6 hours at a time) so I guess the frustration of getting her to sleep pays off because we are able to sleep longer. Meghan, I hope you are right about the 5 week adjustment period. I don't know how people leave the house with newborns, I can barely get anything done and I have Josh to help me. I don't know how single parents do it.
Josh is such a proud daddy and he has the magic touch to calm her down-especially when I am getting frustrated.
She is not quite as sweet smelling as we would have hoped. I never knew that baby's could have such smelly gas!

She is pretty good at lifting her head up already when we give her tummy time. She can hold it up for around 10 seconds already.

This is her favorite position. She is a little escape artist with her hands. She usually has one or both out before we are even finished swaddling her. Luckily she still sleeps okay even when she escapes her swaddle.


Melinda said...

Adorable, Paige. Congratulations, again!

Can I share with you my swaddling trick? The whole burrito baby is cute and works for about a week, but then they just escape too easily because of those cute little pumping feet. I just lay my blankets out and put the baby toward one end perpendicular to the long side. Then I do the burrito with the sides then tuck the bottom of the burrito underneath her legs. Even my 2 month olds can't get out of that :) It's not tight, just better use of the blanket!

Ok...just if you care :)

You are a lucky mom to have Josh home with you. And Josh is a lucky dad to have 2 great girls around him :)

Enjoy the baby bliss...

Nik said...

She is so adorable!

It definitely takes me longer than 5 weeks to adjust to a newborn. I just expect it to, then I don't get all discouraged when I'm not getting anything done and the baby is a couple months old...

In fact, my baby just turned 4 months a couple days ago and I still don't get a lot done. Life feels more normal, though.

Angel said...

SO glad you posted more pictures. Just what I wanted. I can't wait to hold her again. I know she's missed me- that's why she's so fussy

David N Lisa said...

Have you read BabyWise? A bunch of people in my ward read it and they said their babies are sleeping through the night with no problems going down for sleeping by 9 weeks.

Meghan said...

oh GADS people! she is a newborn. they cry and fuss and are on weird schedules. she will be an angel baby in no time i'm sure. i don't think she needs to be ferbered quite yet.

the 5 week thing isn't like a magical number of when suddenly everything is perfect & adjusted, i just found that no one tells you with your 1st how hard and kind of sucky things are when you are expecting everything to be smiles and snuggles. and at about 5 weeks, you feel a little better, she is a little more used to you and everybody sort of gets it. and it's less sucky after that. it's not until months later when things actually get fun... (although cuddling and staring and newborns is fun. but oh so much work...)

so good luck, hang in. i appreciate your real-ness. and enjoy the snuggle time. i hope the gas gets less gassy. and rob can make a mean burrito - have him show you his technique next time he's around.

Suz said...

Congrats Paige! She is beautiful! I agree with Meggie about the first few weeks being a bit rocky. I remember worrying about how I would ever get to work on time when I couldn't seem to get dressed before noon. Soon you will be a pro! After another kid or 3 you will wonder what you did with all your time when you only had 1. My pediatrician (whom I love with my whole heart) told me that 1st children are very patient as they raise their new parents. At 18, Amanda is no longer patient, but neither am I!
Good luck and feel free to put as many photos on here as you would like. She really is a beautiful child!