Sunday, June 28, 2009

2nd Annual Hobo Party

My parents have started a tradition of having a annual summer hobo party. They have all the neighborhood kids and parents dress up as hobo's and have fun games and activities. The kids eat out of pie tins and the dinner is cooked in coals under a garbage can (at least that is the idea-it isn't perfected yet). There are gunny sack races, pie eating contests, a tug-o-war, and a train ride. The kids have a blast. This year there were about 70 people there and it was a great time. Here are some pictures from the event.

(Dogs even get to be dressed up too!)


Anonymous said...

It was such a fun party with lots of help from everyone including you, Paige. We wer really gland to have you attend this year. Love ya, MOM

Angel said...

We loved the party too. Britt actually asked if he could have the same thing for his birthday except for the pie eating contest. I asked why not not that and he said because he didn't win. I think Tate has had a little more practice in that area. So fun. I hope it always continues.