Tuesday, May 19, 2009

23 1/2 Weeks

I am not very good at taking these pictures on time but here I am in all my glory. There are a bunch of other girls who are pregnant in my ward and all of them (including those who are due two months before me) are so much smaller than me. I must be really big for only being 5 months along. I am going to be huge by the time I deliver.
I have felt a lot of movements for the last month, but today she decided to kick really hard. I didn't think something that is only about 1 pound could kick so hard!


Charlie Cooper said...

Babies are stronger when they are pushing from the inside, out. You might feel huge but you don't look huge. I remember the growth comes in spurts- like you may be able to fit into a pair of pants one day and then the very next day they won't fit. I don't know how it can change that fast but it does. Then other times you feel like you have been in the same stage forever and get so sick of wearing the same clothes. You still look cute.

Cody said...

Oh boy do I know the feeling. I get so HUGE and I am always surround by "little people." I had two friends due the same time as me and they were tiny and I was monstrous. Not as swollen as last time, but monstrous none less. I feel your pain girl. ;)

Ty and Annabelle said...

wow you are big. just kiddin Ty