Sunday, June 15, 2008

Josh's Field School

In order to finish his geology degree, Josh had to take a field geology class where he spent three weeks in Payson, Arizona hiking and mapping the mountains all day. He didn't get cell phone service where he was so I rarely got to talk to him. Ironically, the Sunday after he got back, my work sent me to Yuma for two weeks so we will have gone for five weeks with only seeing each other on weekends. It hasn't been very much fun but hopefully it will be over soon. Here are some pictures of Josh's adventures in Payson.

This is a view of Box Canyon

This is a rat snake they found there.

This is a bear that wandered into camp. Look close, he is behind the tree in front.

Scenic view.

A eagle's nest

1.6 Billion year old fossilized ripple marks!

Nature's ampitheater

Wild strawberries. There was also wild oregano in the area.

A cabin guest.

Some of the fossils Josh collected.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What great pictures except the snake of course. I think that I even liked the bear better than the ssnake. Love ya, MOM

Dawn said...

I love it! These pictures are just like the ones I have on my computer that Chris took. I feel you on being apart though that was rough when Chris left for 6 weeks. And now he gets to go to Hawaii without me! All for the love of Geology!