Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is our pet turtle Michaelangelo. We usually call him Mr. Turtle though. He is a red-eared slider and we have had him for a little over a year. He has grown quite a bit during that time and we recently had to upgrade to a bigger tank for him. He is really entertaining to watch because he will swim around furiously then he will stop and stand on one foot perfectly still. Then he will swim again for a few minutes then stop with his head resting against the tank and the rest of his body floating. He is quite the character.

Sometimes we take him out and let him roam around our apartment. He usually tries to find the darkest corner he can at first. After awhile he will get a little bit braver and will start exploring. One of the funniest things he does is that he insists on going between the legs of the chairs and the wall behind rather than just around. This feat involves him turning his shell completely on its side while he pushes his way through. It is very cute.

While we were in Virginia, Max and Ann turtle-sat for us. Max loved feeding Michaelangelo and even made up a song about him. Mr. Turtle also got to go to sharing time at Max's school and the kids all loved him.


Meghan said...

my favorite part is that his nickname is more official than his real name. i have a turtle too. his name is sam.

Dawn said...

I am jealous I have always wanted a turtle too bad I have kids instead.

Charlie Cooper said...

Do you remember we had a red-eared slider when we were little? It lived in the front room fish tank. I think it was yours but I can't quite remember. Mr Turtle is cute and low maintenance!! Bonus!